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a an some kısa cevaplı alıştırmalar

A writer’s life

Fill in this passage with a or an or the or some or nothing.

As ­­­­­­­­­­­a   writer, I seem to spend 0     most of the   time working at 0     home in an    office, sitting in 0    front of a    typewriter. In fact,the       only people I see regularly are 0      members of my family and it is difficult to keep in 0       touch with some      friends I made at 0   school. I’m always getting 0   letters and phone calls from the       people at publisher’s, though, and I do try to go out of the  house at least once a day. And from 0        time to time I give lectures or take part in 0 courses at some       conferences or at 0   schools in the UK or 0       abroad and this helps to prevent me feeling too isolated. I also get 0       reports back from some      schools where the     material I’ve written is being tried out, and this kind of 0   feedback is very useful. Still, it seems to me that while I’m still busy and continue to make a living, I should go on writing 0        books. But as soon as 0       ideas seem to be drying up or start suffering from 0 loneliness, I’ll give up 0       writing and get back into the        classroom and meet 0 students again

Write a, an or some in the gaps.

  1. I bought some            new furniture.
  2. He asked the receptionist for some            information.
  3. He ate a                slice of bread.
  4. Can you sell me some            equipment?
  5. I ate some            cheese late last night.
  6. Everybody should have a                good education.
  7. He ate some            spaghetti for dinner.
  8. The teacher gave us some            difficult homework.
  9. Please, give me some            advice.
  10. I gave my friend a                bar of chocolate.




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